about “ideas for a smarter, faster world”

Ideas for a Smarter, Faster World is the place for the creative conversations of the digital age.  Launched by Brunner during the 2009 South by Southwest Interactive Festival, the site is an ongoing project that will gather and foster relevant, insightful conversations between creative leaders.  We’ve tapped a broad spectrum of digital natives, traditionalists, technologists, artists, and hybrid thinkers to discuss how the digital revolution impacts creativity in all forms of media. We hope you’ll find the conversations interesting and informative — but more than that, we hope you’ll join in.

about brunner


Brunner is a top 100 U.S. advertising agency as well as a top 75 U.S. interactive firm, with offices in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Washington, DC.  With digital at the core of all our thinking, we create powerful solutions for a wide range of clients across all media.  We love what we do, have fun doing it, and continually remain uncomfortable with the comfortable.