Companies large and small are being disrupted by digitally-powered competition. As UBER runs over taxi companies, Lose It steals share points from Weight Watchers, and Amazon eats into the profits of grocery chains and other retail giants (nom nom nom).

All because the cost to compete has gone down. For everyone.

In Jame’s McQuivey’s must-read Digital Disruption, you’ll learn:digital-disruption-book-3d-200x243

  • How free and low-cost digital tools let individuals (not just companies!) build new products and services, get feedback, and iterate business models, faster.
  • How access to digital platforms like Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google let these businesses scale, cheaper.
  • And how the growing number of digital consumers has changed the game for brand marketers and innovation teams.

McQuivey explores what makes disruptors different. A few selections:

  • Disruptors innovate the “adjacent possible.” In other words, they look outside the current product experience (and business capability) in order to focus on what the consumer needs next.
  • Disruptors think through the total product experience and put the consumer first.
  • Disruptors remake their company’s culture (and way of working) to drive change.

Great for the C-Suite, marketers and corporate innovation teams. Download a couple chapters free, here:

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