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Put your opinions about trashy reality television aside for a second and just hear me out. I think I have a valid argument.

That’s what I said Tuesday morning to our CCO, Rob Schapiro, when I told him I wanted to write this blog post. Because I have this mad-scientist type theory that there is a significant correlation between people who live-tweeted The Bachelorette finale with incredible sarcasm and wit and the kind of people who we need to be hiring for writing positions.

He laughed and said, give it a shot. So here it is. A shot in the dark - a dark partially caused by the wine my friends and I consumed Monday night while watching the overly dramatic debauchery.

If you didn’t watch this season’s of The Bachelorette, or any season, or even if you think that it is part of a sector of entertainment that represents the downfall of our society’s integrity - I still think you’ll find that this argument holds some clout.

Agencies need to start scanning live-event associated hashtags as a consistent means of finding writing talent. (more…)