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KitKat's #Bendgate tweet

KitKat's #Bendgate tweet

If you have any exposure to social media in 2015, “Real-Time Marketing” is undoubtedly one of the phrases you’ll hear (besides “bae” and “fleek” of course). Maybe you’ve even been asked what your real-time marketing plan is for your brand this year.

In a recent article on The Outreach Marketer, Nick Rojas defines real-time marketing as “a way to make the most of the continuous flow of information via the internet right now.”

Real-time marketing is about immediacy, flexibility, and creative responsiveness. And it happens on Twitter most naturally because of the platform’s instantaneous, rapid-fire format. You may recall KitKat’s tweet about #bendgate in 2014. Rojas’ presents this tweet as an example of real-time marketing done right. The brand saw an opportunity in the moment – and ran with it.

Might real-time marketing seem overwhelming though? Possibly. How can you make real-time marketing realistic for your brand? Here are three suggestions: